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History Channel Partners With WNYC Studios For 9/11 Podcast Series.

A&E Network’s History channel is partnering with WYNC Studios to launch a narrative podcast that will tell what the producers say is the little-known story of the lead up to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorists attack. The eight-episode series called Blindspot: The Road to 9/11 will feature the voices of U.S. government and intelligence officials, national security experts, reporters, informants, and associates of the terrorists to talk about the decade-long “shadow struggle” that preceded the attacks on New York and Washington.

“Back when I was reporting on 9/11 and its aftermath, there was deep confusion about what had happened to us and why,” said Jim O’Grady, host of the podcast and reporter at WNYC New York (93.9, 820). “It took officials a long time to sort out even the basic facts. And then, of course, over time, the story became known. But not all of it — not nearly.” He said the podcast will tell the backstory of the life-or-death maneuverings, many forgotten or overlooked, that lead up to the attacks with a tale that stretches from New York to the Philippines and Afghanistan. “It ranges from a meeting on the deck of a Navy destroyer between a president and a king, to a sweaty undercover agent gripping a briefcase that holds a tape recorder with a battery fixing to die at the critical moment,” said O’Grady.

Jessie Katz, Director of Audio Programming & Podcasting at A+E Networks said Blindspot will build on content in the “Road to 9/11" documentary produced for the History channel using first-hand accounts to broaden American’s collective understanding of the attacks through new details and fresh perspective. “History informs and gives context to our present, and through Jim’s masterful storytelling and reporting, listeners are invited to reexamine both the big and seemingly small moments that set the course of that day’s tragic events,” said Katz.

The podcast is slated to begin publishing on September 9. Episodes will be released every Wednesday through October 28. 

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