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Here Are 2020’s Top Podcast Advertisers, Based On Veritonic Spot Testing Scores.

Veritonic, which provides data and insights on audio marketing, has compiled a list of the Top 10 podcast advertisers that “got it right” in 2020. It is not a tally of the most played spots. Rather it is the advertisers whose commercials performed the best in Veritonic’s spot testing.

Google came out on tops, but Veritonic says No. 2 Honey is worth special mention because the browser extension brand had the highest overall recall of any of the podcast ads that it tested this year. One reason could be Honey’s live-read ads included as many as 15 brand mentions. Veritonic also says eight-place Salesforce is worth special mention since ads for the cloud-based software company had the best scores for purchase intent.

“From a sheer business standpoint, audio, arguably more than any other channel or format thrived in 2020,” said Veritonic CEO Scott Simonelli. “Driven by podcasting and voice, perpetually anchored by radio, and constantly innovating technologically, sound proved its power everywhere.”

Every year Veritonic also releases its Audio Logo Index, which analyzes consumer response to audio signatures. This year, an additional analysis was done for brands that changed their sonic identities to be more appropriate and mindful of our current reality. Four of the top ten are all insurance companies, led by Liberty Mutual with State Farm, Farmers Insurance, and Nationwide also making the grade.

Simonelli said in a blog post that many of the brands on the top ten deserve credit for emphasizing how the right sound makes a huge difference to people. “While their classic audio signatures were as omnipresent as ever through the year, when it came to advertising during the pandemic, they knew that tempering things -- altering those legendary audio brands, softening voices, and more -- would strike that right tone with consumers,” he said.

Topping the list of best-scoring audio commercials on AM/FM radio is an advertiser well known on the radio airwaves: O’Reilly Auto Parts. No. 2 on the Veritonic hit parade of radio ad creative is competitor Napa Auto Parts, followed by Walgreens at 3, AutoZone at 4 and It’s Just Lunch at 5. That made three of the top five auto parts retailers.

Listen to clips of the top ads and view the complete lists HERE.

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