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‘Ghostwriter’ Actors Reflect On How Making A Podcast Differs From Movies.

Actors Kate Mara and Adam Scott are getting a lot of attention for their roles in the new C13 Features’ series Ghostwriter. The two have appeared in plenty of movies and television series, but in an interview they say getting in front of a microphone for a podcast was an entirely new experience.

“I thought it was really fun. It’s different from making an actual movie, or being the voice of an animated show, which is so much fun, but you rely so heavily on the visuals. This was something very different to experience,” said Mara. “We got to record this virtually together, via Zoom. It’s exciting being a part of a thriller. It has a certain energy that other things don’t.”

Speaking on Podsauce -- the Audacy-produced show that showcases what is new in podcasting -- Scott said it was a “completely new experience” than his TV and film past.

“It was a really great script. We got to jump in and play around with these scenes, and then there’s all the foley and sound effects they put in later that really add[ed] so much atmosphere to the story. It’s really cool listening to it, I was really impressed,” said Scott. “It’s quite a bit different, because you could wear whatever you want, which is terrific. I could’ve worn pajamas, but it would’ve been weird because I was at a recording studio. I didn’t wear pajamas, but I could have. That is the freedom that recorded entertainment allows you.”

Ghostwriter is the second series from C13Features, the “podcast movie” division from the podcast studio Cadence13. The story follows a former journalist (Mara) who reluctantly accepts a job ghostwriting a new murder mystery novel for a billionaire (Scott). As they collaborate on the project, suspicions begin to arise.

“I listen to a lot of podcasts. As far as scripted ones, I listened to Homecoming when it was out, and I’ve listened to a couple more. It’s interesting, it’s a tough needle to thread as far as making it. It’s hard to make something and it not teeter into corniness,” said Scott. “One of the things I love about Ghostwriter is it threads that needle well. As far as unscripted, I love Pod Save America, The Daily, Podcast But Outside and Comedy Bang! Bang!

Mara told Podsauce hosts Dax Holt and Alesha Reneé that her role has opened her up to the other side of podcasts. “I haven’t listened to any fictional podcasts yet, to be totally honest,” she said. “I listen to a lot of podcast shows. I’m obsessed with Armchair Expert, and Jason Bateman’s podcast, Smartless.”

Audacy launched the multiplatform podcast discovery show called Podsauce last July with both audio and video versions – as a well as an abbreviated “Podsauce Minute” feature that airs on Audacy’s portfolio of 235 radio stations. The program is designed to help consumers sort through all the new series that are becoming available each week – including those that come from its own studios Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Media.

Ghostwriter is currently the No. 2 Fiction genre podcast on Apple Podcasts after debuting at No. 1.

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