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For Podcast Listeners, Audio Use Is 'Off The Charts.'

While AM/FM listeners clearly love radio, listeners of podcasts fall into the “super fans of audio” category, according to research presented in Westwood One's latest “Everyone's Listening” blog showing the podcast audience spends over five hours with audio daily, 32% above average American consumption at close to four hours a day.

“Podcast listeners love audio and they want more of it,” Cumulus Media Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard says. “Personal music, satellite radio, AM/FM radio, streaming, and podcasts are all considered part of the broader world of audio. Among podcast listeners, audio use is off the charts.”

The data, from Edison Research's “Share of Ear” studies, also shows that among podcast listeners, podcasts remain the most listened to form of audio, with nearly 30% of time spent listening, while AM/FM radio and streaming, meanwhile, tie with close to 20%. That's a significant change from five years ago, when AM/FM and podcasts were neck-and-neck among podcast listeners, with podcasts squeaking ahead 27% to 25%.

“Podcast listeners are not just super fans of audio,” Bouvard says, “they are all in on podcasts.”

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