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Financial Windfall Of More Than $100 Million In Political Ad Spending In Georgia.

Georgia’s critical run-off election for two U.S. Senate seats is creating a financial windfall for the state’s radio and television stations to the tune of more than $100 million in political advertising revenue.

The end of the 2020 presidential race is by no means the end to campaign spending for broadcasters in the state.

Republican incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler has outdistanced her opponent Democrat Raphael Warnock, spending $32.5 million, so far, according to Ad Age and Kantar/CMAG, compared to Warnock’s $23.4 million.

Republican incumbent Sen. David Purdue is also outspending his competitor Democrat Jon Ossoff by almost $7 million dollars.

Purdue has spent $19.3 million compared to Ossoff’s $12.6 million, and between the four candidates, they’ve spent a total of $90 million, Ad Age and Kantar/CMAG reported. A number of political action committees have spent another $13 million pushing the combined spending past $101 million.

The numbers represent ad dollars for radio and TV stations between Election Day on Nov. 3 and the scheduled run-off on Jan. 5, 2021, and include digital spending through Nov. 9.

While Ad Age and Kantar/CMAG do not provide a breakdown in spending for radio stations in Georgia, they do provide numbers for TV stations.

Atlanta’s No. 1 TV station in ratings, WSB-TV has netted more than $21 million of those ad dollars followed by the Fox affiliate WAGA at almost $12 million. The NBC affiliate WXIA has grabbed $11.5 million and CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL has nabbed $8 million.

Radio stations nationwide were already reaping the rewards of a record-breaking campaign spending season leading up to the General Election.

Most publicly traded radio companies told investors in their quarterly earnings call, they expected 2020 to surpass previous in-house records for political ad spending this year.

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