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Fiction Podcast Creator Bamfer Productions Teams With iHeart For New Series ‘Magmell.’

Bamfer Productions, the company that has produced films and podcast and is behind the long-running fiction podcast Return Home, which just reached six million downloads, is expanding its work with iHeartMedia. The two companies are working together to create a series called Magmell. Created by Jeff Heimbuch and Lyndsie Scoggin, the ten-episode run will begin December 13.

Bamfer and iHeartMedia previously worked together to produce the hit thriller fiction podcast, Light House. It topped fiction podcast rankings for the past two years and it was also the creation of Heimbuch and Scoggin.

The latest series Magmell is a science fiction story that follows Captain Cydney Owens and Captain Jana Prescott, as they embark on an important scientific mission aboard the USS Magmell. Along with Proteus, the on-board AI, their mission is to visit the Helix Nebula and study it up close to widen our knowledge of outer space. However, their mission takes a turn when an anomaly throws the ship off-course, stranding them trillions of miles from Earth with no way home.

“I’ve been obsessed with space travel since I was a kid, especially with how little we know about what’s out there,” said Heimbuch. “Something about the vast isolation of it terrifies me, especially with what could be lurking out there.”

Heimbuch said that their team has been working on Magmell for most of 2021 while Return Home has been on hiatus. Each episode of Magmell will run approximately 30 minutes which the creators say will make it the perfect, bite-sized, weekly escape from everyday life. The series came together during a one-week recording session in Los Angeles.

“I have been a fan of sci-fi since I was a kid, so getting a front-row seat to watch this podcast develop and unfold has been a delight,” said Holly Frey, Managing Executive Producer for The iHeartPodcast Network. “Jeff and his team have outdone themselves in bringing an original, tense and deeply compelling story to life, one that’s anchored in a premise of space travel, but is really about human connection.”

The first episode of Magmell will debut December 13, with subsequent episodes airing every Monday for the duration of its ten episodes.

A return date for Return Home, which launched in March 2016, has not yet been set, however. “We’re still trying to find a budget to finish out the rest of show but it is extremely hard to do so, but we’re going to keep trying,” said Heimbuch. He said if Magmell is successful it will increase the chances they will be able to score the money they need.

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