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Exactly Right Media Picks Up Roz Hernandez’s Ghosted! Comedy Podcast.

The paranormal comedy podcast Ghosted! by Roz Hernandez has joined the Exactly Right Media slate when its new season begins this month. Hernandez, a transgender actor, comedian, and paranormal enthusiast, is joined each week by comedians, celebrity guests and paranormal professionals to discuss their experiences with the supernatural, psychic experiences, and ghosts.

“Roz Hernandez is a vibrant personality in the L.A. comedy scene. Her wit, vulnerability and wide-eyed exploration of the occult make her a perfect fit for the Exactly Right network,” said Karen Kilgariff, CEO of Exactly Right Media. “Roz allows her guests to dive deep into the eerie and unexplained with humor, curiosity and an open mind. We’re thrilled to share her unique voice and talents with the Exactly Right audience,” she said in the announcement.

The new season of Ghosted! begins July 17. Upcoming guests include actor Busy Philipps, My Favorite Murder podcast co-host Georgia Hardstark, Scam Goddess podcast host Laci Mosley, and comedian Patton Oswalt.

The Exactly Right podcast network was created by Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, hosts of the hit podcast My Favorite Murder. Its roster of podcasts covers a variety of topics and voices.

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