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Exactly Right Media No Longer Has Exclusive Release Window On Wondery And Amazon Music.

Murderinos – what fans of Exactly Right Media’s My Favorite Murder podcast call themselves – will now have more options when they want go get their true crime fix. Exactly Right Media has announced that its shows will no longer have an early release window on the Wondery and Amazon Music apps.

Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, who own Exactly Right Media, made the announcement in an episode of their show. “We are no longer working with Wondery [and] Amazon, which means no more early-release episodes, which means everybody is listening together just like the good old days,” said Kilgariff.

The arrangement – worth a reported $100 million – gave Wondery and Amazon Music a one-week exclusive window to episodes before they were widely distributed across all apps. And Wondery was handling distribution and ad sales for the entire Exactly Right Media portfolio.

My Favorite Murder launched eight years ago this month and it ranked No. 16 on Podtrac’s listings for most listened-to shows among the publishers it measured in December. In addition to its flagship podcast, Exactly Right Media also produces podcasts including The Murder SquadThis Podcast Will Kill You, and I Saw What You Did.

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