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Ebony Is Creating Its Own Content Studio For Podcasts, Film And Television.

On the heels of announcing plans to roll out a series of podcasts, Ebony Media is launching its own full-service production platform called Ebony Studios that will span categories across podcasting, film, television and digital. The company says they see Ebony Studios as a hub for both established and emerging creatives of color, as well as its own rebirth and strategic expansion in the digital media age. It will also provide the brand new ways to generate opportunities in licensing, distribution, advertising, branded entertainment, original programming, e-commerce, development partnerships, and various production arrangements.

"The Ebony name is synonymous with Black culture amassing over 75 years of history chronicling Black life and the Black perspective,” says CEO Michele Ghee. “With the launch of Ebony Studios, we are well positioned to harness those attributes that are organically a significant part of the brand's identity, allowing us to create a home for Black creators and a diverse universe of content for the marketplace in a fresh, exciting and very real way."

Ebony currently publishes 28 podcasts including Lip Service with syndicated radio personality Angela Yee and Comeback with daytime national talk TV show host Erica Cobb.

Media industry veteran Ty Cameron has been appointed President of Ebony Studios. He will be responsible for the overall management, oversight, business development and growth and strategy of the studio. Cameron previously worked at the sports media company Uninterrupted, with prior stops at CBS Television and BET Networks.

"I am thrilled to bring Ty and the incredible wealth of experience he brings with him on board to steer the brand forward,” said Ghee. “This new initiative represents an amazing opportunity to broaden our market expansion and to further position Ebony as a leader in the content creation space.”

Cameron has tapped Nathaniel Calloway as Senior Creative Executive at Ebony Studios. Calloway will be responsible for all development efforts including podcasts, as well as documentaries, scripted series and features.

"I am deeply honored to be working with such a legendary brand and so excited to get started on this journey with the launch of Ebony Studios. I look forward to ideating and collaborating with our creative partners to bring stories from our community to life," said Cameron in the announcement. “Although the launch of Ebony Studios marks a new frontier and a new model for the company, Ebony has always been and still stands as the authentic voice of Black life. I can promise that we will stay true to those fundamental ideals, creating premium content that is relatable to all but viewed from the Black perspective."

One of the inaugural projects for Ebony Studios is the feature length documentary film entitled “Sincerely, Los Angeles” that chronicles the period during the immediate aftermath of Kobe Bryant's death. Directed by Patrick Green and produced in conjunction with Falkon Entertainment and Someone Great Pictures, the film is about how everyday people turned tragedy into triumph to help each other deal with the challenges of 2020.

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