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Drive Time Continues To Grow In PPM Markets.

Drive times continue to return to normal in PPM markets when compared to a year ago, as the country was still reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

According to the Radio Research Consortium (RRC), comparing PUMM (Persons Using Measured Media) – the sum of all AQH Persons – from Winter 2021 (Jan/Feb/March) to Winter 2022, drive times have increased. The findings reveal that 7am is the peak of morning drive, which is earlier than a year ago, when it was the 8am hour. The Mon-Fri 7-8am PUMM was 10,863,400 this year, compared to 9,570,700 PUMM in 2021.

The afternoon drive peak hour remains the same year-over-year at 3pm. However, PUMM increased in 2022 to 11,718,800, compared to 11,201,500 a year ago.

RRC is an independent, not-for-profit research firm that contracts with Nielsen to produce local market audience estimates for non-commercial radio stations.

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