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Dave Ramsey Takes Over Hosting Duties Of Revamped ‘EntreLeadership Podcast.’

The Ramsey Network is giving a makeover to The EntreLeadership Podcast despite the business series’ success during the past decade. Beginning next week, the show will switch to a new caller-driven format and syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey will take over hosting duties from George Kamel. The show will tweak its focus slightly too, as Ramsey will take calls from America’s small-business owners to help guide them through the unique challenges they face as leaders in business.

Ramsey is well-positioned to take over the hosting duties. Not only has he built his financial education mission into a multimillion dollar business, but he is also the author of the No. 1 best-selling book “EntreLeadership.”

“Thirty years ago, I started my business from a card table in my living room,” Ramsey said. “I know how hard it is to grow a business and grow yourself. I’m more fired up than ever to come alongside leaders that are in the trenches, scratching and clawing to transform business as usual into the business they dreamed of. This show is everything you wanted to know about business and leadership, but you didn’t know who to ask.”

The first episode with Ramsey as its host debuts Monday (Feb.13), with new episodes releasing every Monday.

Kamel has been at the Ramsey Network since 2013 and he earlier hosted the limited-run The Fine Print podcast. The company says it may return for future seasons, but in the meantime Kamel is focusing his attention on other content for a YouTube channel.

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