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Daniel Tosh Promises No Celebrities (Or Fellow Comedians) On His New Podcast.

Comedian Daniel Tosh – a fixture on Comedy Central until his long-running “Tosh.0” show was cancelled in 2020 – is launching a new podcast called Tosh Show with iHeartPodcasts. The weekly show will feature interviews from all walks of life that he finds interesting and will share his take on current events.

“I’ll be interviewing people who I find interesting – so not celebrities, and certainly not comedians,” he says in the show’s preview. He says the series will cover topics like religion, travel, sports, and gambling, among other topics. And as for interviews, he says they will be people like his plumber, stylist, car guy, wife’s gynecologist, favorite athlete born without legs, and favorite drag queen. “If you’re looking for a podcast that will educate and inspire or one that will really make you think, this isn’t the one for you – but it will be entertaining to a very select few,” Tosh says.

The show is the latest that brings a television personality to podcasting. In recent weeks iHeart has also announced deals with Craig Ferguson, JoJo Siwa, Amy Robach and T. J. Holmes.

“With Tosh Show, listeners can expect a refreshing and fearless take on a wide range of topics from a beloved voice in comedy,” said Will Pearson, President of iHeartPodcasts. “We are excited to share this hilariously entertaining and thought-provoking podcast with listeners everywhere.”

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