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Could Swifties Wind Up Picking iHeart’s Podcast Of The Year?

Jason and Travis Kelce are looking to capitalize on Swifties as voting continues for the 2024 iHeart Podcast Awards. Fan voting will pick which of the ten nominated shows picks up Podcast of the Year honors, and the Kelce’s New Heights is one of the ten up for the award. “You can vote for us daily for Podcast of the Year through February 18, and for one special group of fans that have joined the show this year,” said Jason Kelce on the latest episode recorded in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, referencing the influx of new listeners that came when his brother, Travis, began dating Taylor Swift.

“Swifties, we're talking to you right now. Let's rig this vote, please. This is not for me. This is for Travis. Please go and vote, please go and vote for the New Heights Show as the podcast of the year,” Jason Kelce said, also offering his support for fellow nominees, a list that includes Crime JunkieThe DailyMy Favorite MurderNew HeightsNormal GossipOn Purpose with Jay ShettyThe RetrievalsScamandaSmartLess, and Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. “We’re in good company if we’re even close to being nominated with those podcasts,” he added. Fan voting on will run through February 18. Winners will be announced during the iHeart Podcast Awards set for March 11 at the SXSW Conference and Festivals in Austin (see all the nominees HERE).

Swift and iHeart have a long, tight connection. When she announced that she would begin re-recording her original albums in a dispute over the ownership of the recordings, the broadcaster said in 2021 it would only plan her new “Taylor’s versions” of the songs. This week when it was discovered that some old versions slipped in during the past several years, iHeart said it was sticking with that decision. A rep said they were “scrubbing” their system to remove any “incorrect versions” of Swift songs from airplay.

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