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Continued Media Consolidation A Bad Thing? Not If You Ask Ad Execs.

While federal regulators and consumer advocacy groups call for breaking up media conglomerates given the dominance of companies such as Facebook and Amazon and super-mergers like Warner Bros. with Discovery, most advertising executives feel media consolidation is good for the industry and for advertisers. Three-fourths say it makes ad spending decisions easier and seven in ten feel it improves the overall company. Those findings are based on surveys conducted by Advertiser Perceptions among 300 advertiser and agency executives in March, as reported in MediaPost.

Additionally, nearly 60% of the ad execs surveyed say media consolidation is good for the industry, rating media giants like Google and Meredith as "the best companies to do business with." Overall, Advertiser Perceptions analysts said the biggest factor driving the responses is that "advertisers put ease of doing business with a media company first" and value a "single point of contact who understands and can navigate the company's complete offerings."

“Advertisers want all that big media companies have to offer, but they don’t want to navigate a labyrinth of channels to get it,” Advertiser Perceptions VP of Business Intelligence Erin Firneno says, as reported by MediaPost. “They’re saying, ‘I want you to be an expert at what you have and what you offer and how it will affect my business.’ The providers with salespeople who understand the full range of their companies’ media offerings have a real edge now.”

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