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Conill: Radio Has Been A Trusted Source For Hispanics During Pandemic.

Six in ten Hispanics say radio has been a good source of information during the pandemic, according to “Hispanics & COVID-19: One Year Later,” a new study from Conill Advertising. Four in ten also say their favorite radio host made them feel “less concerned and less alone” since quarantining began.

The report states that the unprecedented information overload during the past year “caused Hispanics to turn to radio and social media to decipher fact from fiction, relying on these sources to put them at ease.” As a result, radio has played a key role in Hispanics' lives, with radio hosts “top sources of comfort.” In addition to radio, cable TV and social media have also been important providers of coronavirus news for Hispanics. Conill goes on to recommend the use of radio personalities when advertising to Hispanics.

Conill's research also focuses on Hispanics' attitudes toward advertising as well as shopping and brand behavior. According to the report, more than half of U.S. Hispanics (55%) actively pay attention to online ads and offers, and Hispanics are slightly more likely than the general population to shop online every day (30% vs. 26%), with 14% shopping multiple times per day. In addition, 80% are likely to try new products during the pandemic, compared to 70% of the general population, and one in four will not switch back to their old brands.

As to other media use, Conill reports that Hispanics are 57% more likely to use social media as a primary source of information, and just 20% say cable TV is a trustworthy source. Compared to the total population, Hispanics spend nearly two more hours per week watching videos, streaming audio, and social networking on their phones, and seven in 10 have increased their time spent watching movies or shows using a streaming service, significantly higher than the 55% reported by non-Hispanics.

Among the recommendations Conill's study makes for marketers are to “focus on messaging that supports the Hispanic community, including that which recognizes their positivity and resilience” and to “partner with people Hispanics consider familiar and trustworthy, who they look to for help assessing where to spend their money,” which include radio personalities as well as other admired influencers and celebrities. The report also warns, however, that “brands that aim to connect with Hispanics must truly comprehend the cultural context of their fears, emotions, and behaviors. Without this understanding, brands will fall short in authentically connecting with Hispanic consumers.”

“We have learned a great deal about Latinos by the way they have dealt with the pandemic,” Conill Senior VP and Strategic Planning Director Laura Semple says. “With a great deal of optimism and the ability to bounce back quickly, Latinos have shown how to slap adversity in the face and come out triumphant. The filter they are using is their ability to enjoy every one of their experiences to the fullest.”

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