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Congressional Race In Alaska Plays Out With A Surge In Radio Ads.

As the special Alaska primary election deadline of June 18 approaches, Congressional candidates Al Gross, Tara Sweeney, and Nick Begich are flooding media outlets with ads. A majority of the political ads are running on radio, with Must Read Alaska reporting that a recent surge in ads from Gross and Sweeney have been airing on stations across the state. Begich has been placing ads on the radio for several weeks.

According to the publication, Gross has spent $183,000 on radio and TV, with many of the ads recently placed. Sweeney, and Alaskans for Tara, have dropped $176,000 on radio and TV, with most of the ads placed by the independent expenditure group. Begich's campaign has booked $200,000 in radio and TV ads.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is also running in the race. Her campaign has spent $30,000 on radio ads, while candidate Jeff Lowenfels has invested $34,000 on radio ads.

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