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Comedians Christopher Titus And Rachel Bradley Launch Series About Death. No Joke.

Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast has picked up advertising sales duties for Knock ‘Em Dead, a new comedy podcast hosted by Rachel Bradley and Christopher Titus. The show, which debuted last month, is a comedy podcast that deals with the one thing we all experience, yet never talk about— death. The deal expands upon AdvertiseCast's current exclusive advertising partnership with Christopher Titus for his Titus Podcast, which features Rachel “Bombshell Rae” Bradley, and Ken “The Hylinder” Hylind. It has more than seven million downloads.

“Christopher Titus and his team have done a phenomenal job in building a massive audience for the Titus podcast, and we’re eager to support the growth of their latest comedy project,” said Trevr Smithlin, Head of Publisher Relations at Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast.

Libsyn says comedians Titus and Bradley have had up-close and personal experiences with death, working it into their standup routines. That propelled their desire for the Knock ‘Em Dead podcast. Each month, they will cover different aspects of dying and will talk to the veterans—hospice nurses, as well as others, who will share their own weird, wacky, insightful, and moving stories about death and how to survive it.

“The AdvertiseCast team at Libsyn has played a pivotal role in connecting us with high-quality advertisers and expanding the audience of our current show," Titus said. “As we launch our new podcast, Knock ‘Em Dead, we look forward to strengthening our AdvertiseCast partnership to build new brand relationships and reach more listeners.”

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