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Comedian Lil Duval Isn’t Going For Laughs, But Deeper Reflection, In His First Podcast.

Just as podcasting was taking root, comedian Roland Powell, better known by his stage name Lil Duval, came to fame when he was a finalist on BET’s 2005 comedy competition series “Coming to the Stage.” Nearly two decades later both have become successes and will unite as Lil Duval has teamed up with the Black Effect Podcast Network to launch his first podcast.

Lil Duval will host the limited series Conversations with Unc, a show that will feature what its creators say are casual and in-depth talks about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the new podcast, the comedian will tap into his more sensitive and serious side to offer wisdom, advice and words of encouragement to his new and old celebrity friends.

In episode one, Lil Duval will sit down with rising artist Big Boss Vette to discuss her near-death experience, her journey into music and attaining happiness beyond money. Other guests will include comedian Funny Marco, former NBA star Stephen Jackson, LARussell, rapper Duke Deuce, Devi Brown, Reasonably Shady podcast Hosts Giselle Bryant, Robyn Dixon and more 

“We all need moments of laughter, but we also crave spaces for growth and reflection,” said Dollie S. Bishop, President of Creative Development and Production, The Black Effect Podcast Network. “Our new podcast, Conversations with Unc, will blend humor with wisdom and offer unique stories and advice in ways that resonate beyond the punchline. We’re excited to collaborate with Lil Duval on this new series and even more excited to see how these conversations will uplift and encourage listeners.”

New episodes of Conversations with Unc will publish on Tuesdays.

Renowned for his energetic and humorous film and television performances, Lil Duval’s comedic style often explores everyday life and relationships, making him a dynamic and beloved entertainer. He is currently on a new U.S. comedy tour featuring Mike Epps, DC Young Fly and Deray Davis.

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