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Clients To Entercom: Radio Is ‘Where We Want To Be.’

Combining client propriety data sets with information culled from listeners across all of Entercom’s platforms has led to “sellouts on,” Chief Information Officer Sarah Foss said during an interview on BeetTV.

In the video segment, Foss says the COVID-19 pandemic has led to people “rediscovering radio, audio. They’re finding content in new ways that they can engage with through smart speakers in the home.”

Radio is “pervasive,” she continues. “How we can engage with really compelling audio content is everywhere. And consumers really have shown that because radio right now is the number one reach medium in the country.”

Entercom acquired the streaming audio platform with its purchase of CBS Radio in 2017 and it has become a key asset in its digital audio distribution efforts. “We’ve actually built a data platform that allows us to finally look at our audience,” she says in the interview, “with all that first party information we’re getting from our listeners across all of the different platforms that we have.”

The first party data allows the company, and their clients, to target individual listeners. “We’re starting to work with advertisers and agencies so that we can actually marry our first-party data with the data that they’re collecting so that we can truly connect the dots for holistic campaigns and actually show outcomes for (questions like) ‘When did the listener drive into the home goods store?’” she continued. “Those are the types of things that you can do now that we have our own first-party data, and we’re working very closely with advertisers with theirs.”

Foss says radio can deliver authenticated listening experiences and “advertisers and agencies are saying ‘that’s where we want to be.’ It’s really exciting because we’re seeing sellouts on We’re seeing massive interest with people that are trying to target the local markets or the national audience overall.”

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