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Classic True Crime Stories Get Fresh ‘Dateline’ Spin In New NBC Series.

NBC News is continuing to find new ways to leverage the success of its Dateline podcast, and the unique storytelling style of correspondent Keith Morrison. It is creating a new podcast series called Morrison Mysteries that will feature the reporter narrating classic stories. Just in time for Halloween, the first three episodes will feature Morrison’s storytelling of Washington Irving’s 1820 Halloween classic, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

Morrison Mysteries will release its preview on Friday the 13th of October, with the series set to debut on Oct. 23. Charmian Ling is the senior producer of Morrison Mysteries. Liz Cole is executive producer and David Corvo is senior executive producer of Dateline.

Morrison Mysteries is the ninth original Dateline series voiced by Morrison. He previously hosted Murder in Apartment 12, The Girl in the Blue Mustang, Murder & Magnolias, The Seduction, The Thing about Pam, The Thing About Helen & Olga, Mommy Doomsday and Killer Role – most of which hit No. 1 on Apple’s podcast chart.

“It’s like any other story, but you don’t know what the ending is going to be, so you follow along,” said Morrison during an appearance on the “Today” show last month. “They are absolutely wonderful to do because you can live in the detail and in the moments and the feelings and the weirdness of the way people think about things for a longer amount of time.”

NBC News says its signature Dateline NBC podcast continues to rank as the No. 1 True Crime podcast according to Podtrac and is pacing to have one of its top three quarters on record with more than 90 million downloads for the sixth consecutive quarter.

The network has credited podcast for helping lower the median rage of the show’s audience. The television series has a median age of 63, while the Dateline podcast averages a 41-year-old listener.

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