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Chartable Data Offers New Insights Into Which Podcast Promos Work Best.

It is said the best place for a podcast to market itself is on another podcast. But which ads work best? That is a question Chartable set out to answer when it crunched the numbers on more than two thousand podcast-to-podcast promotions to determine which ads convert best. And it has created a running tally of its analysis. While there are day-to-day fluctuations, the data shows that based on a total 2.3 billion impressions, there is an overall conversion rate of 1.47%.

In terms of which genre have the most success with promotions, Chartable says that although Society & Culture and News were the most promoted genres, as well as the genres most promoted on, it is the shows that were promoted on Documentary podcasts had the highest average conversion rate.

The analysis also showed some differences depending on whether a podcast was being marketed on another show in their own network or not. Chartable says that when the promos are run in-network, Football, Performing Arts, and Religion & Spirituality offered the new most new conversions per internal campaign. But when a podcast went out of network, the Parenting, Golf, and Film Review genres brought in the biggest number of new listeners.

The data comes from Chartable’s SmartPromos tool. The beta service launched in August allows show producers to track which podcast ads are boosting their downloads the most. The SmartPromos platform measures both baked-in ads via an RSS prefix as well as dynamically inserted ads, through partners including Art19, Megaphone, Triton, AdsWizz and Acast.

Chartable is measuring SmartPromo impressions from media partners, including iHeartRadio, Pushkin Industries, Condé Nast, Pacific Content, Wondery, and Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios – part of Entercom’s podcast network. Chartable said it is slowly rolling out SmartPromos to midsize and large indies and professional networks.

“We’re closing attribution gaps across different podcasts and devices,” said Chartable COO Karo Chakhlasyan when the serviced launched, explaining, “SmartPromos helps podcast advertisers better understand their listeners, connecting the dots between hearing a podcast tune-in ad with a future podcast download.”

Chartable has posted a webpage that allows users to track and sort which podcast genres are currently delivering the best conversion rates with the results updated daily. See it HERE.

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