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Chartable Adds Demos; Says Podcasting Overall Beats Average For Income And Education.

The podcast advertising and analytics firm Chartable has added additional demographic breakouts to the data it provides publishers that subscribe to its service. Publishers can now see household-level demographics about their podcasts across five categories, including gender, age, education, income and ethnicity. The data comes via a partnership with Epsilon.

“Demographics allow podcasters to make smarter decisions marketing their shows and selling ads,” it said in a blog post. “The best way to market your shows is to find your audience where they already are—for podcasters that is, of course, on other podcasts! Advertising on shows with a close demographic match has a higher chance of yielding success.”

The new addition will also allow users to compare their results against industry benchmarks. “Our demographics for the podcast industry show both the strength, and the potential, of the medium,” it continued. “Listeners tend to be wealthier and more well educated than the US median household, which is great news for advertisers.”

Although every genre of podcast measures above the average, some genres rank higher than others. Chartable says business and government podcasts rank highly in terms of income and education.

Chartable notes that although genres like Arts rank less highly in terms of income, the categories still index significantly higher than the US household average for both income and education.

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