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Charlamagne Tha God: Podcasting Is ‘The Future Of Where Audio Is Going.’

Even though Charlamagne Tha God was at Advertising Week to promote his new Comedy Central show “Tha God’s Honest Truth With Lenard ‘Charlamagne’ McKelvey,” the co-host of Premiere Networks “The Breakfast Club,” and media entrepreneur, had plenty to say about radio and podcasting.

In an interview taped as he was preparing for the Sept. 17 premiere of the program, NPR TV critic Eric Deggans asked about the rehearsal process for the new TV show.

“I’m a radio personality so every day is show prep, right?” Charlamagne answered. “Every moment is show prep… every situation, every experience is show prep. It’s not just, you know, things you’re hearing in the news… it’s regular, everyday life experiences that we live and it’s the same thing with this show. I’m in rehearsals because I believe in preparation… I believe in practice.”

Later in the interview Deggans asked about the Black Effect Podcast Network, which is a 50-50 partnership with iHeartMedia. The morning man reiterated some of the thoughts he shared at Podcast Movement in August.

“We got to start taking some of these podcasts and giving them shows on the radio station to help the brand equity,” he said. “Hopefully, I’ll have a hand in helping to revitalize personalities on the radio via the Black Effect Podcast Network.”

He says a lack of personality on radio is what originally helped in the creation of the podcast network.

“I wanted to launch a podcast network simply because I just think that’s the future of where audio is going,” Charlamagne explained. “The thing that radio led in for years was personality,” he continued. “A lot of that personality was taken out, because when the new PPM rating system came into play, they turned [radio] into a jukebox. They took all the personality out of radio and all the personality went to podcasts… So instead of opening up radio stations, I decided to launch a podcast network.”

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