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Blubrry Unveils Beneficial Widgets for Enhanced Listener Engagement.

The Podcasting 2.0 initiative of podcast hosts and app developers to expand the capability of podcasting by increasing the functionality of open RSS is already having a significant impact on podcasters. Blubrry points to the widely adopted function of linking a transcript within the podcast RSS feed. Now the hosting company is expanding on that. It has created a series of website widgets and embeds that it says will provide creators with essential tools to expand their reach and strengthen listener loyalty.

Blubrry says the widgets are designed to seamlessly integrate with any podcast website, providing many interactive features including:

  • Subscribe: Configure any destination link

  • Funding: Easy access to funding/donation platforms

  • Credits: Acknowledge your podcast team members

  • Trailer: Give listeners an embeddable player to preview your show

  • Live Show: Show off your live show times: upcoming, live and over

  • Value4Value: Enable cryptocurrency integration

  • Boostagram: Listeners can send donations with their crypto wallet

  • Audience Survey: Learn more about your listeners

  • Podroll: Include a list of recommended podcasts

“These tools are not just enhancements; they’re transformative elements designed to elevate the podcasting experience for creators and listeners significantly,” says Blubrry in the announcement. “While they are simple to implement, they are aimed at fostering stronger connections between creators and their audience.”

In addition to enhanced engagement, Blubrry says the widgets will give creators more real-time data and feedback on which to make their decisions. There is also a simplified donation process, which could help creators receive more support from listeners. 

Check out Blubrry’s primer on Podcasting 2.0 HERE.

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