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BIN: Black Information Network Launches Its First Podcast.

It has been nearly four years since iHeartMedia launched the Black Information Network in June 2020. It has found an audience through a mix of on-air stations and a streaming format. Now BIN is entering the on-demand space, with the launch of its first podcast. Called Black Land, the new series will look at the lives of ordinary people and bring to life their extraordinary tales of triumph and circumstance through the lens of community.

“By sharing these stories, we hope to illuminate the resilience, strength and unwavering spirit within the Black community,” said BIN President Tony Coles. “These stories are not just important – they are essential. We will continue to use this platform to amplify marginalized voices, foster understanding and contribute to a more inclusive, understanding, and compassionate world.”

Black Land is hosted by BIN senior national anchor Vanessa Tyler, who will dive deep into uncharted stories and give an overdue and deserving voice to those who have often experienced the other side of the American dream. BIN says some shows will make listeners laugh, others may bring tears. But in both cases, its aim is for the podcast to share stories that will spark important questions and critical conversations. 

Tyler, a veteran of TV news in cities including New York, Washington and Charlotte says in the podcast’s preview she will share the “full spectrum” of Black stories. “The joys, the sorrows, the highs, the lows [and] those doing amazing things,” she says “It’s where we live, who we love, and the fight that continues.”

The first episode features an in-depth discussion with Wesley Hamilton, a gunshot victim who became paralyzed, the aftermath of the shooting incident, and the impact of gun violence in Black communities. Despite Hamilton’s injuries, he was able to turn his life around and create an organization called "Disabled But Not Really" to help others with disabilities and physical challenges. BIN says the episode will shine a light on the ripple effects of gun violence in Black communities across the country and the resilience of survivors like Wesley.

Black Land is distributed by iHeartPodcasts.

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