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BetterHelp Stayed Podcasting’s Top Ad Spender In August, Marking One Year At The Top.

For the past year each consecutive month brought the same name atop the list of the biggest podcasting advertisers according to Magellan AI. That name remained the same in August as the online mental health service provider BetterHelp spent an estimated $6,437,000 across 721 shows. That was a two percent increase compared to BetterHelp’s spending a month earlier.

Magellan says the top three podcast ad spenders in August were the same as during July with NBCUniversal once again in second place. It spent $2,975,000, a drop of 21% month-to-month as it trimmed its reach from 990 podcasts during July to 631 in August.

ZipRecruiter remained in third place with an estimated $2,708,000 in podcast ad spending during August. That was an increase of 16% from a month earlier.

GEICO increased its podcast spending by 32% last month versus July and that was enough for it to move up into fourth place, up two slots from the prior month. And Capitol One boosted its spending by 31% and rounded out the top five. It had finished at No. 8 in July.

Among Magellan’s top 20 advertisers for August it was Hewlett-Packard that spent money on the largest number of shows. Its analysis says H-P spent $1.9 million on 906 different podcasts with Sports the genre where their ads were most likely to be heard.

Climate Power topped August’s list of movers and shakers. It spent $901,000 on podcasts last month compared to $71,000 in July. Climate Power is a political action group created by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Sierra Club.

Showtime was the second biggest mover, ramping up its spending from $174,000 in July to $756,000 in August.

This month’s top movers and shakers also featured several food companies including Dave’s Killer Bread, Home Chef, and Perfect Snacks. Magellan says it had not detected any ads for Dave’s Killer Bread until the brand added 36 shows to their flight in August. Dave’s Killer Bread had the highest concentration of ads in Sports podcasts to take advantage of the football season hype. They also added a number of shows in Comedy and True Crime.

“The majority of Dave’s Killer Bread ads were in a mid-roll position, and 31% in a pre-roll position,” says Magellan in a blog post. It says the brand’s ad creative was a mix of pre-recorded ads throughout Locked On shows, like this one on Locked On Packers - Daily Podcast On The Green Bay Packers and host read ads like this one in Game of Crimes.

Magellan analyzes podcast advertising data from the top 3,000 podcasts in the U.S., as ranked by Apple Podcasts. Magellan’s proprietary model is used to estimate advertising spend. It includes factors such as the number of ads and variation in ad load detected for a given episode, number of downloads for each episode, and estimated CPMs as reported in select media kits and estimated based on popularity.

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