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Average Time Spent With Audio Remains Unchanged From A Decade Ago.

Listeners in the U.S. spend an average of four hours and 11 minutes per day consuming audio content. According to Edison’s Share of Ear data from Q3 2023, this average time spent with audio is essentially unchanged from the level of almost a decade ago.

At the inception of Share of Ear in 2014, the U.S. population 13+ spent four hours and 17 minutes a day listening to all audio sources. Over the years audio listening dropped some, hitting a low of three hours and 44 minutes in 2020. The trend reversed in 2021 when daily time spent with audio increased back to over four hours.

“It’s tough to think of another word here besides resilience,” Edison Research writes in its final Weekly Insights brief of 2023. “Audio sources remain competitive in the fight for people’s time, despite an overwhelming amount of video choices and changing consumer habits over time. U.S. listeners 13+ still dedicate over a quarter of their waking lives to audio consumption.”

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