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As The Podcast Gender Gap Closes, Age Becomes A Factor In What Women Are Listening To.

Podcast listeners may have once been overwhelmingly male, but that is no longer the case. The latest Infinite Dial research shows the gap has largely closed as 46% of podcasting’s listeners are female. In honor of International Women’s Day, Triton Digital has released an analysis of what women are listening to. While True Crime reigns supreme among women overall, Triton’s results point to age being just as big a factor as gender.

The data says among all females aged 18 and older, the most listened-to genre is True Crime. It also is in the top spot among women in two of the demo groups that advertisers are most interested in reaching – females 25-34 and 45-54. But Triton’s numbers show that podcasting is also playing more than an entertainment role for women; it is also an information source. Among women aged 35-44, the data shows Kids & Family is the most listened-to genre. And among older women – those aged 55 and older – News is on top. Younger women are more likely to turn to podcasts as a form of escape. Triton says among women 18 to 24, Fiction series are most popular.

Nevertheless, it is True Crime that dominates the five most listened-to podcasts among women based on Triton Digital’s data. It says Audiochuck’s Crime Junkie has the biggest reach, followed by Audioboom’s Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, Dateline NBC, NPR’s Up First, and My Favorite Murder.

The latest Infinite Dial report released last year showed that 39% of women reported they had listened to podcasts in the past month. That was up from 24% who said that in 2018.

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