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Another New High For Mobile Downloads At Libsyn.

Summer months have traditionally brought on-the-go listening, but this year Americans are sticking a lot closer to home. Yet the number of people who are opting to listen to their favorite podcasts on their smartphones keeps rising, according to the latest snapshot provided by Libsyn. It has released July listening download data for the more than 69,000 podcasts it hosts, and the numbers show it was a record-setter for mobile downloads for a second consecutive month.

Libsyn said 89.8% of all downloads in July went directly to mobile devices, a 0.4% gain from the prior month for what it said was an all-time high for the shows it hosts. At the same time, downloads to desktop computers hit another all-time low of 10% during July, which was a 0.4% drop compared to June. The tally also shows that downloads to smart speakers and gaming devices totaled 0.22% in July versus 0.23% in June.

On the company’s The Feed podcast Libsyn VP Rob Walch said 61.1% of downloads to Libsyn-hosted shows were in the U.S. The UK was the next biggest market with a 5.3% share, followed by Canada (5.2%), Australia (3.7%), Germany (2.9%), Sweden (1.9%), Mexico (1.8%), France (1.5%), Brazil (1.4%) and Japan (1.3%).

Walch said for the shows Libsyn hosts there were five times as many downloads to iOS devices as Android devices.

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