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Analysis: Heavy Radio Listeners In Better Economic Shape Than Average Consumer.

A Katz Radio Group analysis of the December wave of MRI-Simmons COVID-19 Consumer Insights Study data finds that heavy radio listeners are nine-percent more likely than the average American to say they're in better economic conditions than last year.

Additionally, these heavy radio listeners are more likely than the average person to have increased purchased in a variety of categories during the pandemic. This sector is +15% more likely than the average consumer to be buying more home goods and +10% more likely to spend more on home improvements and renovations.

Other categories that heavy radio listeners are spending more at include automotive accessories indexing at 113), beauty purchases (113), fitness equipment (111) and health/wellness supplies (110).

Heavy radio listeners are also more likely to be spending on outerwear (+13%), home entertainment (+11%), alcohol (+10%) and small gadgets (+10%).

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