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Analysis Finds Most Podcasts Release New Episodes Biweekly.

The Daily, as its name suggests, is published on a near-daily basis – it doesn’t release episodes on weekends. But even as more shows than ever release episodes that frequently, an analysis by Pacific Content Head of Audience Development Dan Misener finds most podcasts publish biweekly.

That conclusion is based on a sample of 1,896,631 podcasts from the Apple Podcasts directory. While most shows had not yet set a release frequency for their show in the directory – Apple Podcasts added the datapoint this spring to Show Details within Apple Podcasts Connect –however 256,635 did. And that allowed Misener to determine what is most popular.

In a blog post, he says biweekly was the pick of 75,142 of the podcasts that made a selection. That compared to 50,080 who said monthly; 49,867 who said weekly; and 38,891 who said bimonthly. A much smaller number – 15,547 – said they release new episodes on a daily basis. That represents less than one percent of all podcasts that have selected a release frequency.

Misener says his numbers may not however answer the question of how often people publish since Apple Podcasts terminology is not as precise as it could be. It offers the choice of “biweekly” but Misener says some podcasters may read that as publishing two episodes per week rather than every other week.

As more podcasters update their Show Details information, and as the pandemic impact fades and some creators are able to enjoy other hobbies, the coming months could bring changes to the publication frequency numbers.

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