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Among Young Adults, Podcasting’s Reach Nearly Catches Up With TV And Radio.

Podcasts now reach half of all Americans ages 18 to 34, a share that is nearly on par with both television, which has suffered growing levels of cord-cutting, and broadcast radio. That is one of the findings in a forthcoming study by the podcast consultancy Sounds Profitable. It will release findings of the analysis that compares the impact of brand advertising on all three media during a webinar next week. The study also explores the role played by demographic differences and audience overlap for brands, including big podcast users like BetterHelp and Athletic Greens, radio heavyweights like GEICO and Indeed, and big TV users such as McDonald’s and Liberty Mutual.

Sounds Profitable Partner Tom Webster says their study demonstrates that there is nearly a full generation of difference between heavy users of podcasts compared to heavy users of TV or AM/FM. “Podcasts are pulling further away every year, with the gap growing wider as the other audiences grow older,” he says.

Webster says the study also illustrates that the podcast audience includes a valuable segment that does not consume ad-supported TV and radio. “This audience group is difficult for advertisers to reach any other way, making them both additive and exclusive,” he said. "They feel differently about advertising, and the brands we studied, than broadcast media consumers. It's incumbent upon brands and buyers to understand these demographic and behavioral shifts."

Webster will present the full results of The Medium Moves the Message, which was produced in partnership with Signal Hill Insights, during a free webinar on March 22. Register HERE.

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