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Americans Spending More Time With Podcasts.

The longer the coronavirus lockdown continues, the more people are spending more of their time with audio entertainment.

That's according to the media buying agency Mindshare, which has been tracking consumer behavior since the pandemic began sweeping the globe last month. The latest data finds nearly a third (31%) of Americans say they are listening to more radio than prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

The new numbers, collected last week by Mindshare’s U.S. Consumer Insights team, also show the longer people are stuck at home, the more likely they are to be boosting their radio listening. When the agency asked the same question during the week of March 31, 21% of people surveyed said they were listening to more radio. But during the week of March 11, just 15% said they were. In other words, the longer the stay-at-home orders disrupt typical media habits, the more the number of Americans who say they’re spending more time with radio than in the pre-pandemic period goes up. 

Full story HERE.

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