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Air Canada Puts Podcasts In Front Of Fliers Under Audible Alliance.

There are more podcasts awaiting travelers in the friendly skies. Air Canada has become the first airline to offer Canadian Audible Original titles to its in-flight entertainment system. Passengers will get to choose from a catalog of podcasts and audiobooks during their journey. Air Canada serves fliers in more than 200 U.S. cities.

“Entertainment is an important part of the in-flight experience,” says John Moody, who is the managing director of product design at Air Canada. “And with a growing interest in audio stories, the addition of inspiring and engaging articles and interviews in audio format complements the diverse range of content available in our unparalleled in-flight programming.”

The collaboration will start with 160 hours of Audible Original audiobook and podcast content, now available onboard Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment systems-equipped aircraft, spanning sports, true crime, family, wellness, action/adventure, and comedy. Being a Canadian-based airline, the catalog features a wide range of Canadian content in both English and French.

“Audible is committed to creating exceptional listening experiences for its customers around the world—including as they travel for pleasure or business,” said Georgia Knox, Canada Country Manager for Audible. “Through our collaboration with Air Canada, we’re able to inspire, entertain and inform more listeners than ever before on their journeys. Travelers will have access to an extensive list of content, including a selection of Canadian Audible Originals that we develop with up-and-coming talent and some of the country’s biggest names.”

In addition to its in-flight service, Audible is also offering Air Canada customers two free months of membership for when they get back on the ground.

Delta Airlines also offers podcasts to its fliers. It first struck an expanded licensing deal with Spotify to craft an in-flight audio experience for fliers in 2021 and then last year Spotify took over the audio section of the Delta Sky Kids hub in the Delta seatback entertainment. Spotify is also curating a playlist of music for when travelers are boarding the plane.

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