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Adweek: Sonic Branding Is About To Have A Loud Year.

This could be the year of the sonic boom, Adweek proclaims, as the world evolves into an audio-first mode with podcasts, voice assistants, Tik-Tok style videos, and the Metaverse.

“We know consumers think about what they see but feel what they hear, and brands are looking for that level of emotional connection with their customers,” Made Music Studio President Lauren McGuire and Executive Creative Director Amy Crawford write in an Adweek 2023 forecast piece. The advertising trade publication says as marketers look to stick with tried-and-true strategies this year “sonic branding can deliver strong ROI for the long term.”

Once limited to jingles or audio branding in commercials, sonic identities are said to be most successful as part of a brand connection throughout the entire marketing ecosystem. “Putting a branded sound to actions or experiences is a way to tie everything back to your brand—you can always close your eyes but not your ears,” the article says. That’s important as marketers look for measurable ROI. A Sentient Decision Science study found that sound can influence a person’s desire to engage or avoid a brand by 86%.

Adweek says sonic branding can be “the glue between ads, podcasts, social media, retail locations, call centers, and any other brand point.”

Artificial intelligence will become commonplace in marketing as brands expand their sonic signature with an AI-created voice. The option will be desirable due to its cost-effectiveness, but diversity in voices should be considered.

The forecast article, part of Adweek’s 2023 Outlook series, also explores music and the Metaverse and the marketing opportunities they present. With more artists meeting consumers on the platform for virtual concerts and events, “brands have an opportunity to use sonic branding to identify themselves within these worlds.”

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