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AdvertiseCast Says CPMs Slipped Again In August. So Where Are The Bargains?

Podcast CPMs slipped for a second consecutive month during August, according to Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast. It says the average CPM rate was $23.45 for a 60-second spot. That figure is slightly down from July’s average and from a year ago.

Among the shows and publishers whose inventory is sold via AdvertiseCast, the show genres that had the highest CPMs in August remained Technology ($26), Business ($25) and Education ($24). This month Kids & Family also tied for third place, with a $24 average CPM.

For bargain-hunting brands, AdvertiseCast Chief Revenue Officer Dave Hanley says there were also options. He points out the Fiction, Art, and Hobbies & Games each had CPMs that averaged in the high teens in August.

“Many brands typically gravitate towards specific podcast genres, while overlooking others that have the potential to reach a similar audience at a lower cost of entry. We see the rates in most genres converging over time, but at present this is a great opportunity for brands to take advantage of accessible rates,” Hanley said.

AdvertiseCast bases the cost per thousand or CPM from actual sales data from 3,000 podcasts in its marketplace, including more than 240 exclusive podcasts. While there are month-to-month fluctuations, it says the typical one-minute ad has a $25 CPM while a 30-second ad typically has an average $18 CPM. That is the same as a year ago.

According to AdvertiseCast, podcasts with between 1,000 and 9,999 downloads per episode had the highest CPM last month at $25.70, a 1.3% decrease from July’s $26.03 average. The CPM for this category of shows hit a record high in April and has been falling back for the past three months.

For shows with between 10,000 and 99,999 downloads, the average CPM was $24.46 in August versus $24.07 in July. And for shows with 100,000 downloads or more per episode, the average CPM was $20.32, a slight decrease from a month earlier.

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