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AdLarge Media Enters International Podcast Market.

Cabana, the podcast-focused ad selling arm of AdLarge Media, is making its first foray into the international market. It has signed an agreement with The Podcast Exchange (TPX) for exclusive Canadian ad sales representation of its Cabana podcast portfolio. The company says the deal will bring new revenue opportunities to podcasters working with Cabana.

“Working closely with the team at TPX, we are opening the door to international revenue for Cabana podcasts,” said Cathy Csukas, cofounder and co-Chief Executive Officer of AdLarge Media and the Cabana Podcast Network. “We’re enthusiastic about the opportunities this brings to our podcast partners.”

Cabana currently handles ad sales for more than 150 podcasts across a wide range of genres. That includes execute rep deals with true-crime focused Audiochuck and the Accuweather suite of podcasts.

The Podcast Exchange offers advertising and production opportunities to companies and agencies looking to access Canada’s growing podcast audience. “Cabana is our latest international signing and supports our business strategy to work with global publishers in partnership with advertisers to harness the full potential of the Canadian podcast audience,” said TPX’s President and Chief Executive Officer Jean-Marie Heimrath said in the announcement.

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