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Actor Jon Bernthal Launches Real Ones Podcast On Patreon.

Jon Bernthal (“The Walking Dead,” The Wolf of Wall Street”) partners with Patreon to grant exclusive access to his podcast, Real Ones with Jon Bernthal. Joining Bernthal’s Patreon community grants one monthly exclusive bonus podcast episode and AMA session with the actor as well as early access, ad-free episodes, unfiltered deleted segments, extended cuts and entry to a private chat community on Discord. Membership starts at $4.99 per month.

“We’re on @Patreon and looking forward to expanding the Real Ones family,” Bernthal writes on social media.

The weekly podcast, which launched in February, gives the microphone to those living on the frontlines of the big issues of our time. Past guests include retired officers and military veterans, activists, authors, and sports figures.

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