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Actor-Comedian Michael Colyar Launches Three-Times-A-Week Podcast For iHeart.

If conversation leads to better understanding, comedian and actor Michael Colyar’s new podcast is going to help a lot of people comprehend a lot of new subjects. He is promising to tackle topics ranging from the real to the raunchy on his new iHeart podcast Michael Talks To Errbody. Each week, Colyar will sit down with Hollywood celebrities for what he promises will be unfiltered and thought-provoking conversations.

Colyar is best known for his work in films like “Hollywood Shuffle,” “House Party” and “The Princess & The Frog” as well as his work as a standup comedian. The Chicago native started acting at an early age and eventually took his comedic talents to the big stage, appearing on national television programs including “Def Comedy Jam” and “ComicView.” Colyar says his conversations with podcast guests will lean into his experiences and lessons learned. In episode one, “Life as an Authentic Person”, Colyar sits down with YouTube Star and LGBTQ+ activist TS Madison.

“In today’s society and political climate, people need laughs and a positive outlet,” said Colyar. “Conversations often help us unfold into our greatest selves and Michael Talks to Errbody is 30 minutes of conversation filled with laughter, enlightenment and feel-goodness.”

Michael Talks To Errbody is being produced by iHeartPodcasts. It says new episodes will be released three times a week – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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