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A Matter Of Trust: Morning Consult Poll Gives High Marks For Radio News.

In an era when news outlets are under close scrutiny for bias and trustworthiness, a recent Morning Consult poll delivers encouraging news for the radio industry. According to data from first quarter 2022, radio is the most trusted news source by Americans, with 64% of adults putting their faith in it. The poll found radio news is more trusted than newspapers (61%), network news (59%), cable news (54%), and online-only news sites (52%) . And radio is trusted by nearly twice as many poll participants as social media (34%).

Americans’ trust in radio crosses party lines, data from the Morning Consult poll show. It is far and away the most trusted news source for Republicans at 64%, beating all other media by double-digit margins. Independents, the group with the least trust in news sources overall, still place the most confidence in radio news at 53%, just slightly ahead of newspapers (52%) and more than 10 points ahead of cable news (42%) and online-only news sources (42%)

Democrats are typically more trusting of news sources than their Republican and independent political counterparts. Nearly three in four Dems (72%) deem radio trustworthy. Yet even with such a high score, radio came in third place on the trust scale behind network news (77%) and newspapers (74%) among Democrats.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the news source consistently ranked at the bottom is social media – trusted by the least amount of people in each party.

The high marks for radio come as the country moves into primary season for the 2022 Midterm elections,“Radio is the ideal platform for advertisers, especially political campaigns, looking to make their voice heard and their message count amid trusted content,” Katz Radio Group says in a summary of the Morning Consult findings on its Sound Answers blog. “Radio, along with its streams, are trusted news environments with vested local connections to consumers across demographics and party lines. Radio provides the best chance for messaging to break through, resonate, and not be mistrusted by listeners.”

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