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A Familiar Voice (And Major Radio Advertiser) Promotes Marijuana Decriminalization.

A group advocating on behalf of a pro-marijuana measure in Florida is getting some support from a familiar voice — one that’s particularly well known to radio listeners.

John Morgan of the law firm Morgan & Morgan, known for its “For The People” radio spots, has cut a trio of spots Promoting Amendment 3 in the Sunshine State.

He’s even hinting that he might even make a good governor, Florida Politics reports.

The measure, which would decriminalize marijuana in Florida, received Morgan’s endorsement on Wednesday at a press conference in Orlando. At the press conference, Smart & Safe Florida — a group advocating for “responsible adult use” of recreational cannabis — debuted the three spots featuring Morgan.

In one of those spots, Morgan — a big political player and donor in the state — even suggested what he would do if he were in the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee instead of its current occupant, Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“If I was your Governor, I would free or parole every person in jail for possession and then expunge everyone’s record,” he said.

Morgan prominently financed a successful effort to legalize marijuana for medical purposes in Florida. A constitutional amendment passed there in 2016.

Listen to all three spots HERE.

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